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$950 Total Price for Wedding Photography

We charge a total of $950 for (4) hours of wedding photography. This price includes a $500 non-refundable booking fee. We include digital rights with our wedding photography prices. This means you can have your photos printed anywhere you like. You always have the option of purchasing affordable prints from us as well.


$500 Booking Fee

Booking fee includes 1 hour of photography and digital rights to all of the photos that we produce from your wedding. 


$450 Due The Day Of

Our wedding photography booking fee includes 1 hour of photography. We have a 4 hour minimum for wedding photography. $500 booking fee would be due up front to secure your day on our calendar then the remaining $450 would be due the day of the wedding.


$150 Per Hour for Additional Time

We offer a standard rate of $150 per hour for additional hours of photography during your wedding. Any additional hours of photography include digital rights to all photos produced during that time. There are no additional fees or requirements when requesting additional time. Any additional hours must be paid for on the day of or at the time of agreement if you need additional hours after your wedding ha started.


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Setrik Makes Wedding Photography Prices EASY!

Planning a wedding is already a difficult enough task as it is. We want to help make sure that your most special day is as easy for you as possible. This is why Setrik Photography offers no non-sense pricing to help make things easier on your mind as well as your checkbook.

Our total price for wedding photography is $950 for (4) hours. To book your wedding with us, we require that $500 be paid upfront to secure your spot on our calendar. We do not book anything else the day of your wedding so that we can guarantee our availability if your schedule changes. The remaining $450 is due on the day of your wedding.

For $950 total, you get 4 hours of photography and digital rights to all of your photos. This means that you can take your photos anywhere you like to have them printed or you can still purchase affordable prints through us.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our wedding photography service, please give us a call at 661-348-0232. We are always happy to hear from our clients. We want to help make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision for your most special day.

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