Photography Booking Fee


$250 - Portrait Booking Fee

Our portrait photography booking fee includes digital rights to your photos. $100 is due immediately and serves as a non-refundable deposit for your portrait appointment. The remaining $150 is due on the day of the portrait session. Each portrait session is 1 hour.


$250 - Event Booking Fee

The booking fee for events includes 1 hour of photography. We will not book anything 1 hour before your event and 1 hour after your event to leave a little bit of wiggle room just in case things change.


$500 - Wedding Booking Fee

When we book weddings, we book the entire day out. We do not book any other appointments the entire day of your wedding. This allows us to be ready for any sort of last minute changes that might come up. The wedding booking fee includes 1 hour of photography.

What is a Photography Booking Fee?

A booking fee (photography fee) for Setrik Photography is charged so that we may secure your slot on our calendar. Each booking fee is non-refundable and includes one hour of photographic coverage. Booking fees are the only type of photography fees that we have that are required for all appointments. The booking fee is our way of securing the calendar spot and making sure that when anyone else calls to book an appointment we will decline their request if their required time conflicts with yours.

Booking fees are non-refundable because of the fact that we do not allow anyone else to schedule something that might conflict with the time that you have booked with us. This allows us to manage our time and our business more efficiently.

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