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Outdoor Photography At Your Favorite Parks

There are a lot of places that are great for outdoor photogaphy in Bakersfield. There are many parks that offer great features and distinct looks for family photos. We offer most of our professional photography sessions at Hart Park just on the outside of Bakersfield city limits. Other places that are great for outdoor photography include Yokuts Park, River Walk Park, or even the Bluffs. Hart Park is definitely our favorite out of all of the different locations to choose from. Setrik can provide professional outdoor photography at any location within the Bakersfield city limits for no extra charges or fees. Just let us know where you would like to have your photo shoot and we will make it happen for you! If you would like somewhere other than Bakersfield for pictures, we can help with that too.

Hart Park

Hart Park in Bakersfield is one of the best spots for outdoor photography. There are many locations ay Hart Park for great photos. Hart Park is full of unique backgrounds.

Yokuts Park

Yokuts Park is a great spot for photos due to the fact that there are many trees at the park. There are also great spots for dry river landscape if you choose.

Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk Park has become a fairly popular location for outdoor photography due to its centralized location. It features rockbeds a small stream, and trees near a river bed.

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Outdoor Photography Hart Park

The Best Outdoor Photography at Hart Park

Hart Park is a great spot for professional photos. We have taken hundreds of professional portraits at Hart Park over the years. There are so many different places to choose there, it is amazing. The only downside to choosing Hart Park as an outdoor photography location is that it is not central to Bakersfield. It is just about as far east as you can go and still consider yourself on the outskirts of town. Regardless of it’s location, Hart Park still provides some of the very best outdoor photography spots around the entire city.

Riverwalk Park Outdoor Photography Family

Riverwalk Park is Great for Family Pictures

Riverwalk Park is a great spot for outdoor photography because of its location. It is located off of Stockdale Hwy and Beuna Vista Rd near the northwest side of town. There are quite a few places to take some great photos out at Riverwalk. There are areas that feature large rocks scattered through a small running stream. The area with the rocks is great, however there aren’t many spots with any shade. For shady outdoor photography spots, Riverwalk Park also features a long stretch near the bike trail and the Kern River bed. There are a lot of areas to choose from when going out to Riverwalk Park for outdoor photography.

Yokuts Park Outdoor Photography

Photography Options at Yokuts Park

Yokuts Park is another great spot for outdoor photography. Like Riverwalk Park, Yokuts also has access to the bike trail and areas along the Kern River bed. Yokuts park offers large stretches of green grass as well as a few different areas with a lot of trees and shrubbery to choose from as well. Yokuts park is located off of Truxtun Extension next to the 99 Freeway. If a convenient central location is what you are looking for then Yokuts Park could work out great for your next outdoor photography session.

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Booking a photography session with Setrik is easier than you might think. Take a moment and simply fill out our online form to get started. We will contact you shortly confirming your requested photography date and we will get you added to our calendar. We offer outdoor photography anywhere in Bakersfield.