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Affordable Photography Makes Setrik an Easy Choice For Your Next Family Photos

Setrik is the leading affordable photography service in Bakersfield, CA. There aren’t many photographers in the entire United States that offer the level of quality that Setrik does for the price. We strive to offer the most affordable photography service around! We set out to accomplish the goal of being extremely affordable and we do everything we can to accomplish that goal!

Why Do We Offer Affordable Photographer Services?

Many years ago when our children were a bit younger it was very difficult finding a local photographer in town that provided a quality service for an affordable price. It seemed to us that the only options we had were places in the mall or stores. The quality wasn’t the best, but it was all we could seem to be able to afford for our children. We wanted to keep up with documenting our children and how they changed over the years, but we were also working on a tight budget. 

After several years searching around trying to find an affordable photographer in Bakersfield, we simply had no luck. As the years passed by, we came up with the solution that we would simply start taking photos ourselves. We purchased a brand new camera and realized that we were able to create some photos that looked really nice. We continued to build our collection of family photos over the next few years and then it occurred to us that maybe we should try to start our own photography business. Just like that, it happened and Setrik Photography came to be. We wanted to offer the service that we were so desparate to find. We wanted to make sure that we could offer the kind of affordable photography that we were searching for.

After doing a bit of research, we decided that if we could provide a quality photography service at an affordable price then we were going to make it happen. Our budget was always around $200 per year to have photos taken of our children, and so that is exactly where we try to aim to have our price points. Over the years, we have offered different packages and things like that, however the $200 mark seemed to work out pretty well.

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When looking for a local photographer in Bakersfield there aren’t many quality options to choose from. We provide quality photographer services in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.


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Why take our word for it, we have lots of clients that have left photographer reviews about our service. Take a moment and read through what others have said about Setrik.


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We specialize in outdoor photography. We do not provide studio photography services. Choose any place around Bakersfield for your photos.


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We offer high quality professional portrait sessions in Bakersfield just about every weekend of the entire year. We are your premier Bakersfield Photographer service. If you are interested in having professional photos of your family, then you have definitely come to the right place for professional photography services. We specialize in offering affordable photography services while at the same time never compromising on quality or delivery.